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To meet the needs from Investor relations officers, portfolio managers, brokers and analysts Inquiry Financial has developed a unique data collection method and estimate data software. is the most extensive database regarding high quality and detailed consensus estimates available in the world. All data is collected directly from the analysts or research notes to secure a high quality, all estimates are then handled by a team with in-depth company knowledge who questions all submitted data and makes sure the consensus is comparable to how the company reports. Our focus is on delivering the correct figure, not any figure!

What Will You Gain From Using This Product?

Premium estimate data and reported data on 1500+ European companies. US and ASIA data being added! Detailed profit / loss account consensus data - not only top and bottom line. All companies are unique, no standardized template based approach. Detailed comments on non-recurring items. Get access to unique consensus such as divisional breakdowns, sector specific data such as net intererst income/total costs/provisions for banks.


Please visit our company page Inquiry Financial Europe ( Regarding Datasales or partnerhips, please contact our COO Daniel Andersson.


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